One-Time Promotion: All Platforms Bundle

  • One-Time Promotion on All of our Finest in Fitness social platforms.
  • $550  (One-Time Payment)



Get your product, service, event, project or self seen by MILLIONS of targeted potential customers with a single promotional post on every FIF platform, tailored for that platform to achieve best results.

Please contact us at before purchasing.

We reserve the right to properly vet each campaign based on their relevance to our audience. 


> A Post in each of our Facebook Groups:  

  • BodyBuilding Meals: 1.2 Million+ Members
  • BodyBuilding Diet Plan: 1.4 Million+ Members 

> A Post on each of our Facebook Pages:  

  • Fitness Quotes | Motivation: 78K+ Followers
  • Fitness Inspiration: 76K+ Followers 

> A Post & Story shared to each of our Instagram Accounts 

  • @Insta_FitGuys: 94K+ Followers
  • @Legendary Motivation: 67K+ Followers

TOTAL REACH: 2.9 Million+


E-mail sent through our Marketing Software.

Strategy Consulting: Steve Farina will help craft a compelling message and even create a recommendation if we can see or trial the product/service first. 

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot "guarantee" results. The success of any marketing campaign is based on a variety of factors, including an organic feeling message, compelling call to action, well-crafted content, and a website or landing page that converts. We'll make suggestions to help you maximize your reach and potential visitors, but we rely on you to deliver something of value that will convert.  

Please contact to work out the details & timing of your campaign.


Additional Consulting, Leadership, or Services:

    If you'd prefer to strategize with Steve on an ongoing basis (recommended), you should also consider the Strategic Exposure: Partnership Package or one of Steve's B2C and/or B2B Leadership Offers.  With ongoing, fractional leadership from Steve, I will help you plan, create, and execute against your goals. For brands serious about growing their online presence and exceeding their goals, give this some strong consideration.  

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