Strategic Exposure: Partnership Package

  • Full Access to our Fitness Networks + Ongoing partnership, segment exclusivity, and brand advocacy for duration of collaboration.
  • Minimum 3-Month Commitment
  • $3,500/month  (Save by paying Quarterly or Annually)
  • Scope below. Additional scope may incur additional cost.



The Strategic Exposure: Ultimate Growth Package is designed for businesses serious about scaling their growth in the fitness community by leveraging access to our targeted platforms. I've developed this package as a way for us to partner and provide you and your brand access to the very platforms that allow me to reach a targeted audience of fitness enthusiasts regularly.

First, we'll do a deep dive into your business objectives, challenges, branding, community, and tech stack to tighten any loose ends before getting eyes on your site. Then, we'll make your brand a literal extension of the Finest in Fitness social networks and enable your team to share content in the most strategic way possible. Meanwhile, get support from me to maximize the impact of this program.

Below is a bulleted list of the primary elements that will enable your growth during our partnership.

  • Audience Sharing
  • Team Access to Groups
    • Data Collection (Surveys, Polls, etc)
  • Featured Products Page
  • Ambassador & Partner Program
    • + UGC & Content
  • Ongoing Promotional Campaigns & Funnels
    • (Facebook Pages & Instagram)
*** PLEASE NOTE: This is not a passive program - it requires a collaborative effort from your team - and the more time invested, the more you’ll get out.


Audience Sharing

  • We will share our Facebook Page audience with your Facebook business manager so your team (or agency) can create ad-sets with content and copy specifically for our audience.  

Team Access to Groups

  • Your team will be invited into the Finest in Fitness communities (Facebook Groups) and introduced as a value-driven partner.
  • This enables you & your team to:
    • Connect and engage with our community members with ongoing content 
    • Create brand awareness and be recognized as a leader within the community
    • Create polls & questions to collect data and get feedback
    • Respond directly to conversations.

Featured Products Page:

  • Your Products / Services added to the "Featured Products" section of our “Top Products” page on with category exclusivity
  • Featured {Category} Presence on all platforms

RYS Ambassadors & Partner Program:

  • We’ll leverage our Finest in Fitness Ambassadors and Micro-Influencers (our top contributors) as users and advocates for your brand, directly inside our community.
  • If applicable, we can work collaboratively with youraffiliate management partners to maximize affiliate success and content sharing.
  • If applicable, we can strategically positionYOUR Ambassadors in the Finest in Fitness community to share their experiences and advocate for your brand.

User-Generated Content:

  • We’ll grow your bank of creative, social-ready and User-Generated-Content (pictures, videos, captions, testimonials, stories) for use across any platform and in your direct outreach campaigns.

Ongoing Promotional Campaigns

    • We'll run ongoing promotional campaigns on all of our Facebook and Instagram platforms to encourage members through a sales funnel  (Awareness → Consideration (Interest) → Conversion → Advocacy)
    • Optionally, we can also create campaigns designed to grow your email, sms, or social following.

> Posts on our Facebook Groups:  

  • BodyBuilding Meals: 1.2 Million+ Members
  • BodyBuilding Diet Plan: 1.4 Million+ Members 
  • Running Motivation Group: 240K+ Members
  • Running Tips: 40K+ Followers

> Posts on our Facebook Pages:  

  • Fitness Quotes | Motivation: 78K+ Followers
  • Fitness Inspiration: 76K+ Followers 

> Posts & Pinned Stories on our Instagram Accounts 

  • @Insta_FitGuys: 94K+ Followers
  • @Legendary Motivation: 67K+ Followers


  • Branding Exercise:An initial 4-5 page workbook to review your brand positioning, target audience, key objectives, and current challenges.

  • Results-oriented content recommendations.

  • Maximum two 45-minute calls per week.


If you need additional help with strategy or execution, please ask about my B2C and B2B Fractional Leadership Offer.


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